Why Cant I Login?

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Why Cant I Login?

    Have You Got Caps Lock On?
    Your user name and password are both case sensitive this means that if caps lock is on or a capital letter anywhere in your user name or password will prevent you from logging in to the forums.

    Are You Typing In Your Password Correctly?
    Remember when you signed up you was forced to create a strong password containing either numbers or capital letters, make sure that the password you type is correct.

    Is Your E.MAIL Correct?
    It happens many time people have many E.MAILS for different purposes in there life make sure you are typing in the correct E.MAIL. If you are using the correct E.MAIL then read threw it and see if you have a common character out of place making your login fail.

    Still Can Not Login?
    You can always reset your password in the login screen by clicking Forgot Password and following the instruction on screen. Make sure you provide the correct E.MAIL and username, and ensure your password is strong.



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Why Cant I Login?

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