Why Cant I Register?

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PostSubject: Why Cant I Register?   Why Cant I Register? EmptyThu Dec 26, 2013 12:00 pm

Why Cant I Register

    Do You Already Have An Account?"
    Make sure the E.MAIL you entered has not yet been used, if it has you will be unable to register with that E.MAIL

    Is Your Password Strong Enough?
    Make sure you enter a strong password, if your password is not strong enough you will not be able to resister add numbers and capital letters to help make your password stronger.

    Is Your User Name Already Taken?
    Make sure the user name you have entered is not already taken, try typing in a different user name see if it helps.

If none of the above have worked then please report this to the Administrators, or if you know what the problem is and have not found it listed above then please again contact the Administrators so that this fault can be corrected.



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Why Cant I Register?

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