W.o.T Update 8.10

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W.o.T Update 8.10

Hello Hunters'
Today was the release of the new World of Tanks update version 8.10 and although some of you have already got achievements you wish to share the forums can only be update after the release of the new tanks added, this is because we need there names and wargaming like to keep this secret. Some of you may have posted in the premium tank forum Type 3 Chi-Nu Kia witch was added to the forums about 3 months before the release of the Japanese line, Probably following that of the example of DarkHunters Co-Commander Phil0978. This is absolutely fine as many of you may or may not know once the names are released Forum Administrator and DarkHunters Co-Commander KieranPoynter will move the topic to its correct location.

please make sure you do not do this when the forums are there as KieranPoynter (MYSELF) will only move the topic if the forum was not there, any other times the topic will be removed from the forum and sent to the forums trash can. NO this is not deleted this is a special forum where all unwanted topics will now go.

On another note i can say that all topics that needed to be moved have already been moved and the new forums are added and all your achievements have remained as promised. I can now keep your achievements when sorting out the forums, so for future reference if there is no forum for the selected tank just follow a few simple steps to help the Administrators out.

  1. If the battle achievement for your tank does not have a forum but does however have a member of that nation weather its a premium tank or not then please post it in that forum, give it any title you like but please be sure to list the name of that tank in your post or title so that the Administrators can move it to the correct location for you.
  2. If the tank does not have a member of family in that same nation then please be sure to post it in the last released nation all nations are in release order as set by W.o.T so it would be the nation on the bottom of the list. Please ensure you post it in the same weight and same tier level.
  3. If the achievement is for a tank or tank destroyer from a nation that has been out for some time but the forum is not found, just send KieranPoynter a private message in game, on the forums or threw the World of Tanks website to have this sorted. You will only receive a response for this threw the forums however via private message

Now for all the information about update 8.10 as provided by the World of Tanks team please read the below.

New Nation: Japan

Conquer the battlefields with these unique steel samurai from the Far East, and show your enemies what it really means to follow the path of the warrior!

  • Renault Otsu, Tier I Light Tank (credited at release to all registered players, with 100% trained crew and a garage slot)
  • Type 95 Ha-Go, Tier II Light Tank
  • Type 98 Ke-Ni, Tier III Light Tank
  • Type 5 Ke-Ho, Tier IV Light Tank
  • Chi-Ni, Tier II Medium Tank
  • Type 97 Chi-Ha, Tier III Medium Tank
  • Type 1 Chi-He, Tier IV Medium Tank
  • Type 3 Chi-NU, Tier V Medium Tank
  • Type 4 Chi-To, Tier VI Medium Tank
  • Type 5 Chi-Ri, Tier VII Medium Tank
  • STA-1, Tier VIII Medium tank
  • Type 61 Tier 9 Medium Tank
       STB-1, Tier X Medium Tank

Two new Soviet medium tanks

These nimble bad boys will definitely stir up some trouble on the battlefields!

  • Object 430 Version II, Tier IX
  • Object 430, Tier X

New Map: Hidden Village

This new map accompanies the new vehicles, and presents a lovely Japanese setting. The area is 1000x1000m in size, and consists of a village in a valley during spring time. Due to the irregular terrain, it will introduce a lot of tactical possibilities for both teams.

New Premium vehicles in the in-game store

That’s right – these two newest additions to the premium vehicle family will now be available in-game and in the Premium Shop!

  • Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai, Tier V Japanese medium tank
  • Type 64, Tier VI Chinese light tank

Graphical Update

The whole game has received a graphical update in Version 8.10. You should see the difference straight away, but for a more detailed look at how graphics in World of Tanks have evolved since the game’s release, take a look at our video!

World of Tanks has also provide a special mission for the Japanese tanks however we will not be listing new missions at this time on the DarkHunters forums and/or any contests that World of Tanks may be hosting for group participation. This is simply because this is not the Clans primary focus right now.

Happy Hunting'



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W.o.T Update 8.10

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