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Game Changer

Hello Hunters'
Upon performing in a platoon with DeadSword last night myself and my platoon partner decided to do a little experiment on crew, tanks, skills  & perks. During this experiment we had found a few fantastic results that will be a GAME CHANGER on the battle field for you and you machinery you are using.

You should be!

Well at standard every tank you purchase you normally get them there own crew all tanks but premium, this is because you can use your crew in a premium tank as long as it is of the same nation and same type vehicle.


You can actually use your crew in any premium tank as long as it is from the same nation, yes shocking i know but during our experiment i was able to throw my T28 Prototype crew in a premium heavy tank T14 and the perks were 100% effective because it was a premium tank. Upon doing this it was decided to try the crew in a non premium tank but a vehicle of the same type and nation.


Although the skills where effective the crew loaded slower than normal trained and the perks where not always effective for instance i loaded my T28 Prototype crew in my T30 all untrained for the T30 and they loaded about .50 seconds slower or 1-3 seconds slower so not much and my loaded has the skill Intuition this means standard ammunition and premium will load from the same point or instantly from where the other one is. YES instantly if you are already loaded with a standard shell and switch to premium and the same rule applies the other way around.

yes another however, the commanders skills sixth sense to be exact was still 100% effective and accurate and yes they even got EXP in a tank they was not trained for so they increased in skill.


  • You can use your tank crew in any - ANY premium tank of the same nation
  • You can use your crew in any - ANY normal tank of the same nation

Yes the above is correct i was able to load my M6 crew in a tank destroyer and use it perks and skills still effective

This in sense means you only need 1 set of crew per nation although we do not advice this as if your current crew is in a battle you have to wait until the battle is over to use another tank.
This information is just lifting your heart right now isn't it.
Well you need to know this information.

Premium tanks keep 100% of all crew perks
Normal tanks keep most but not all as they are not trained for that metal machine

Not good for the second?

Sixth sense is effective 100% so is camo, and most other perks, and your crew still get experience for more SKILLS & PERKS


Use this knowledge to you advantage
Happy Hunting



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Skill's - Game Changer

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